About Aurora C

Aurora C is a jewelry brand founded in New York by Chinese American designer Aurora Chi in 2018. The Brand provides different jewelry for all gender with unique identity and aesthetic, and also planned to set up a fine jewelry line in the future. Inspiration comes from Mother Nature, by turning things from big to small, small to big whimsically. Her designs are characterized by mixing geometric patterns and space to create a sense of flowing or gentle currents. The jewelry itself embodying the philosophy of water, strength and softness together, which fits the independent women with individual taste. With her poetic jewelry, Aurora Chi hopes to enhance the style of sophisticated elegant women, and bring sensibility and poetry in to their life.

Photograph by Haoran Fan

About Designer Aurora Chi

She is a graduate of The New School, an internationally known school for art and design in New York City. Her major is Product Design with a minor in Film Production. In 2018, she launched her own namesake jewelry brand Aurora Chi, and would like to bring people poetry and sensibility in their life by her design. She believes that a good design should be sensible. "A sensibility design is about people not the object. Beneath the boldest and most solid design should lay the softness of the human heart." Live in the reality, keep your sensibility.

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Bjork Florence

Via dello Sprone, 25R

50125 Firenze FI, Italy


AXES Eslite

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Xinyi Dist, Taipei, Taiwan


Gather Boutique

No.2, Ln. 429, Fujin St.

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No.356, Jinhu Rd

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No.22, Ln. 26, Sec.2, Zhongshan N. Rd

Zhongshan Dist., Taipei


YAJUN Studio

No. 955, Suzhou Road

Huangpu District, Shanghai



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