In the past, the stars in the sky guided the sailor’s directions. Nowadays people dare to dream and fly to the vast expanse of space. On the road to adventure, when looking upon the stars, they often see not only the Milky Way also are gazing at themselves beneath their own small universe. Time and space flow, the way we adventure might change, what always remain is the hopeless romantic in the human gene.

Art Direction Yaya Moo

Photographer Peter Cohen

Friedrich Nietzche

You need chaos in your life to give birth to a dancing star.

The Universe is infinite, innumerable galaxies exist, and you asked me which one is my favorite. “The colorful and flowy wings of a butterfly?” “They resemble your mysterious, fearless confidence.” “Or is it Saturn, the one that seemed reserved but is actually furious?” “That is the madness when you pull an attitude all of an sudden.” “What about that?” “Perhaps…Love.” The insanely hopeless romance that exists in human gene is the reason why the universe is incredibly attractive. The one and only star that shine through the universe is the one named after you.

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