This season, the lines is mainly expanded from the design of the previous two seasons. The items were enlarged or shrunk, and the world constructed by Aurora Chi is more complete. The reduced size of the jewelry, with its delicate dimensions like fireflies, is a better choice for wearers who prefer a more detailed style. In addition, various natural gemstones are used to show the delicate sense of light and fluidity. The sparkling natural Zircon, the gentle pearls and the dazzling Rubies are used to compose a movement that is sometimes as warm as the golden sunlight in the afternoon, sometimes as cool and quiet as the summer night.

Photographer Chen Chi

Make Up Gina Wang

Hair Yvonne Wang

Model Zlata

Designer Aurora Chi

My fancies are fireflies. Specks of living light twinkling in the dark.

In SS 2019,"fireflies", the latest series of Aurora Chi, quoting tagore's lines, turns the thoughts in the designer's mind into a dream streamer, shining in the dark.

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