Modern Mermaid

This season, Aurora Chi took “Modern Mermaid” as the theme. Designer extended her collection from the sense of “flow” and describe how the modern mermaids facing ups and downs in the reality, and how they transformed themselves into free spirits. Her Jewelry is a carrier like water that reflects inner stories of individuals, and forming itself as a tiny drop or thunderous waterflows by the wearer’s mind. She believes that a good design is derived from emotions of human beings but things itselves.

Photographer Harvey Lee

Stylist Aurora Chi

Lighting Jenn Wu

Model Rickey Valentino

Model Nora Vai

Designer Aurora Chi

Live in reality, keep your sensibility.

Mermaids are not a legend They are you and me Floating and sinking in the sea Looking for a shore to lean on Unceasing waves, fading tides, The high tides proceed, the low lingers Leaving a subtle peck on the sands The reef bonding with the sea Making splashes every now and then Shimmering ocean reflecting the moon Gradually I’ve learned to appreciate things And to embrace the breeze

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